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What is a Finish Density Scale?

That is the distinction in between the reading and truth finishing density. Experience essential qualities as well as advantages of the Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter.

In modern digital instruments the values at key points across the covering density range are stored as reference factors in the memory of the scale. The basic step of a coating density gauge’s efficiency is the precision with which the gauge takes readings.

Wet-Film-Thickness (WFT) of a layer can be quickly measured with a Wet-Film-Thickness Gauge. This is an essential benefit of the galvanizing procedure; a typical coating density is applied virtually instantly. The real density of galvanized layer achieved varies with steel area dimension, surface account and surface area composition.

What is the standard thickness of powder coating?

Thicker coatings Grit blasting prior to galvanizing is usually the most appropriate method and a requirement for a nominal coating thickness of 1000 g/m² (140 µm) has been successfully specified for steel of 6 mm section thickness.
  • It can be determined by the formation patterning on the surface (often called a “spangle”).
  • Powder Covering thickness may additionally affect the application’s impact resistance, adaptability, solidity, side insurance coverage, chip resistance, weathering, resistance to salt spray, as well as ability to retain gloss.
  • Measurements of powder finishing density can be made using various methods depending upon the substrate and whether the examination is being done prior to or after powder cure.
  • Physical measurements should boost their relationship to electrical measurements or else they will be replaced by electrical dimensions.
  • Although the surface may “show up” smooth, microscopic surface area roughness exists on both the zinc and steel.

Repaint producers suggest target arrays to achieve optimum performance qualities as well as clients anticipate these specifications to be met. Suitable with ElcoMaster ® software application and also ElcoMaster ® Mobile App, individual layer density measurements can be transferred using Bluetooth or usb ® to COMPUTER or a smart phone for analysis as well as immediate record generation.


This video clip features the Elcometer 311 carrying out non-destructive paint density measurements on a steel and also aluminium cars and truck body panels. Finding surprise automobile rework is now much easier and also faster than in the dry film thickness gauge past. Routine movie thickness measurement aids manage product costs, take care of application effectiveness, preserve finish high quality as well as make certain conformity with agreement specs.

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