What do you need to know about playing Chinese Poker?


Card games have many varieties; Chinese poker is one of the varieties of card games. This game was more famous among professional poker players earlier. But in today’s world, it has become popular even among youngsters or in other words the beginners.

The game of Chinese poker does not involve betting or gambling, also it does not make use of chips. Since card games have always been somewhere related to betting at some stage or the other, but this game does not do that. Because of this, it can not be technically called a game of poker but due to the usage of gaming rounds like other card games, it has got its name as Chinese poker. Like all the other card games

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Chinese poker also makes use of 52 card decks. 2 to 4 players play this game. Chinese poker is distinct from other card games because it is not about money or bluffing. But at the same time, it is similar to other card games because this also depends upon luck and it is based on your skills. In this game, you just need to play your hand in the game and then compare it with other players.

What are the rules of playing the game of Chinese poker?

The basic rules for playing the game of Chinese poker are as follows:

  • In this game, all the players get a set of 13 cards in the beginning.
  • Then you need to arrange your cards for playing three hands. You need to make such an arrangement that for 2 hands you have 5 cards and a combination of 3 cards for another hand.
  • In the round of 3 cards or the 3 cards hand, the flushes and straights are not counted. Only trips, cards and pairs are valuable in three-card hands.
  • You need to increment the value of your cards as the round progresses so that your game strengthens.
  • Once you are done with each round you need to compare all your rounds’ scores with your opponents. The person with the best score earns a point. A bonus point is awarded for sweeping the cards.
  • You also get a bonus point when you make some good hands as you start with bottom straights. When you make a pair that is greater than cards having 6 on their top then also you make a bonus.
  • The bonus that you get in the game changes the whole game and the action can shift to the other players if you do make any bonus.
  • The game can take a swing if any player commits something wrong that is, foul hand. It means that the player actually could not make 3 hands in increasing order of values of cards.
  • In this case, what happens is the player has to pay for the sweep bonus. In addition to that he/she has to make other compromises on the bonus points depending upon the agreement of the game. There is a time when opponents have won up to 30 extra points and ultimately have won the game.

Some tips/ strategies for playing the game of Chinese poker

Some of the basic strategies for playing Chinese poker game are as follows:

  • You should be very careful about foul hands in the Chinese poker games. A single foul hand can take you to big troubles and there are very high possibilities that you may lose the game even if your scores so far are good. This is because the fouls can make you lose a good number of points.
  • You need to pay attention to your Cards rather than observing other people’s cards. You just need to focus on your cards and play with full concentration to win.
  • Do not try to avoid the 1st round or in other words, never be causal in the first round thinking that it is not that important and you can score in other rounds.

Chinese poker is a very interesting game that is gaining popularity these days. In this game, the players are advised to play with lesser stakes as this game involves a lot of actions. If Players follow all the rules then the game becomes easy and interesting for the players.

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